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Marion County Horse and Pony

March 29, 2018

Joining the Horse and Pony Project is just as easy as joining any other 4-H project in Marion County. All you have to do is sign up on line and pay the $15.00 4-H enrollment fee. The next Step is to contact a leader at the Indy Rider's 4-H Club and and attend a meeting of the Indy Riders 4-H Club. The Indy Rider's 4-H Club as some additional membership fees that must be paid before you can begin. 

Enrolling a horse is also another important thing you must do if you are going to show an animal in 4-H. This must be completed online by May 15th each year.

Horse Vaccination Requirements

To contact the Indy Riders 4-H Club visit their website. If you need additional assistance joining contact Jim Becker at 317 275-9305.

Another great resource is the Purdue 4-H Horse and Pony Website and of course the ever popular Horse and Pony Handbook


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