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02 Master Gardener Basic Training: Plant Science

September 29, 2019
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Master Gardener Class Assignments

The assignments for this session are listed under "Related Files."


Supplemental Reading and Resources

Purdue Master Gardener Manual: Chapters 1 (Plant Basics) & 3 (Plant Names and ID)

Plants and Their Environment, Missouri Master Gardener Core Manual

Garden Terms: Plant Classification, University of Nebraska

Garden Terms: Vegetative Plant Morphology-Stems, Leaves, and Roots, University of Nebraska

Garden Terms: Reproductive Plant Morphology-Seeds, Flowers, and Fruits, University of Nebraska

Plant Identification for Youth Horticulture Contests, Purdue University

Botany Hot Links, University of Illinois Master Gardener Course

Sexes in Ornamental Plants, Ohio State University (article in Related Files)


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