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07 Master Gardener Basic Training: Invasive Species and Animal Pests (Nuisance Wildlife)

October 18, 2019
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Supplemental Reading and Resources


Purdue Master Gardener Manual (Invasive Plants or Insects): Parts of Chapters 5, 9, 10, 25

Invasive Species in Indiana: Resources



Purdue Master Gardener Manual: Chapter 19

Wildlife Conflicts Information Hotline, USDA, IDNR, Purdue

Finding a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, IDNR

Nuisance Wildlife, IDNR

Wildlife Damage Management,

Wildlife Damage Management for Nebraska Master Gardeners

National Wildlife Control Training Program: Wildlife Information

Prevention and Control Of Wildlife Damage Handbook, University of Nebraska

Wildlife Crop Damage Web Site, Purdue University

Living With Wildlife, Tips for Keeping Wildlife at Bay, USDA APHIS

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management,


Purdue Publications Related to the Topic

Preventing Wildlife Damage-Do You Need a Permit? (FNR-404)

Selecting a Nuisance Wildlife Control Professional (FNR-519)

Purdue Wildlife Conflicts Management Publications (ADM Series)

Purdue Wildlife and Wildlife Management Publications (FNR Series)


Key Pest Publications

"Key" is defined as where to look first for control information.

Conflicts with Wildlife Around the Home (Purdue PPP-56) (large file)

Invasive Species in Indiana: Resources


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