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Crucial conversations are characterized by high stakes, strong emotions, and varied opinions. They are important because there is a direct correlation between crucial conversations, dialogue, and success. When people are in the throes of a high-risk conversation, much hangs in the balance. Fortunately, when people are able to honestly and accurately discuss all the relevant issues - including facts, opinions, theories, and feelings - they make better choices.
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Purdue Extension-Marion County Master Gardener Class: Annual & Perennial Flowers
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This document covers all the policies governing the Purdue Master Gardener program in Indiana.
It's the day before Thanksgiving, you just bought a turkey and it's frozen! What now?
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An outline of 4-H subject matter (project) exhibit guidelines effective January 1, 2016.
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Indiana State Police-Headquarters - Statewide Evansville - The published public phone number of 812-867-2079 for the Indiana State Police in Evansville is reported to have been spoofed over the last 24 hours. A person notified the Indiana State Police this morning that he received a phone call from 812-867-2079 and the person calling identified himself as a police officer. The caller further explained that he owed money to the Internal Revenue Service and that if he didn't pay he would be arre
Are your zombie-fighting skills up to snuff? We're not talking about fighting just any zombie - this time your undead enemy is zombie debt. Zombie debt is debt you think is dead, gone, and forgotten, but has somehow come back to life.

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