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4-H Dog Project

March 25, 2021
4-H Dog Show

The 4-H Dog Project provides 4-H members a fun and hands-on learning experience that develops life skills, as well as teaches valuable information about properly caring for their animal. Subjects such as general care, nutrition, housing, training and health care are presented in the curricular materials and in preparation of an exhibit. Members also have the opportunity to develop responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communication skills through active participation in the 4-H Dog Project.

The 4-H Dog Project Outline is available as a .pdf file attached below which provides the schedule of training workshops and important information.  It also includes a vaccination form to be completed by your veterinarian. 

Level 1 (grades 3 to 5)

Level 2 (grades 6 to 8)

Level 3 (grades 9 to 12)


Lake County 4-H Dog Volunteer Lorraine has created some great videos for dog training that could assist all 4-H Dog members with learning training techniques for their dogs.  4-H Dog Superintendent, Christi Long will began in-person trainings at the end of March at the LCFG.  All enrolled 4-H Dog members are welcome. Please watch the videos uploaded below and do as much training with your dogs between now and clinics.  Updates will be in the Weekly emails and the Lake County 4-H Dog Facebook Page.  

Dog Video Trainings 

Video #1: Name Game and Toy Retrieve

Video #2: Find My face; Scoot Sits x 3 versions

Video #3: Oppositional Reflex; Spin, Down, Sit, and Stand

Video #4: Whiplash recall; brick work; pressure

Video #5: Pressure on fronts; "It's Yer Choice"

Video #6: Heeling and Finishes



Lake County 4-H Dog Project on Facebook 

State 4-H Dog Website

Dog 1: Wiggles & Wags (Grades 3 to 5)

Dog 2: Canine Connection (Grades 6 to 8)

Dog 3: Leading the Pack (Grades 9 to 12)

*Manuals can be purchased from the Education Store or the extension office

Dog Obedience Training Tips

Interested in sponsoring a trophy or award for this project? Please contact the project superintendent or Extension Office at 219-755-3240 to learn more!


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