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4-H Rabbits Project

October 23, 2019

The 4-H Rabbit Project provides youth a fun and hands-on learning experience that develops life skills, as well as teaches valuable information about properly caring for their animal. Subjects such as such as general care, nutrition housing, and health care are presented in the curricular materials, through workshops and activities such as Rabbit Ambassadors and in preparation of an exhibit. Youth also have the opportunity to develop responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communication skills through active participation in the 4-H Rabbit Project.

Level 1 (grades 3–5)

Level 2 (grades 6–8)

Level 3 (grades 9–12)




State 4-H Rabbit Website

Rabbit 1: What's Hoppening? (grades 3–5)

Rabbit 2: Making Tracks (grades 6–8)

Rabbit 3: All Ears (grades 6–8)

SCORECARDS can be found at the state website through the link above

RECORD SHEETS can be found at the state website through the link above

Rabbit Ambassador Handbook


General Exhibit Requirements

Manual Required (3 Activities)

  1. All rabbits to be exhibited at the fair must be listed on the 4-H online Rabbit Entry Form, due July 1. 4-Hers may list up to three entries per class as alternates on the online entry. The rabbit brought to the fair at check-in, must match the online entry form including correct tattoo. No duplicate tattoo number per family. Rabbits not brought to check in on Thursday, will not be able to show.
  2. 4-Hers have the option to keep their rabbits at the fair for the entire time. Younger rabbits, Doe & Litters and rabbits kept in air conditioned environments, are strongly advised not to stay for the duration of the fair. It is advised that they go home after check-in, and brought back only for the show. Please state your intention on the online rabbit entry.
  3. 4-Hers are allowed to show up to 20 breed entries with only one entry per class. Only 1 entry for Companion rabbits.
  4. 4-Hers must own their rabbits fully and be caring for them by May 15. If animals are not on premise, a Lake County Livestock Premise/Partnership/Lease Agreement form must be completed annually and on file in the 4-H office. Lake County Livestock Premise/Partnership/Lease Agreement is due by May 1. All rabbits must be permanently tattooed for identification in the left ear. Contact superintendent to schedule tattooing if needed. Rabbits brought to check-in without a legible tattoo will not be allowed to show.
  5. Rabbits must be carried to the fair in a rabbit carrier, not a box.
  6. 4-Hers are responsible on show day for carrying their rabbits to and from the judging table. Only 4-H members may show rabbits at the judging table, not adults.
  7. Only breeds & colors recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association Inc., are able to be shown in the Breed Class. All classes will be judged according to the ARBA standards of perfection. Rabbits that have been previously disqualified from a Lake County 4-H rabbit show, or have obvious disqualifications, are not eligible to be shown in the breed class.
  8. All rabbits will have a well health inspection at check-in. If any rabbit shows signs of poor health or a late term pregnancy, the rabbit will not be eligible to be shown or cooped at the fair. Superintendents will not be responsible for exhibits after exhibit release time. Premiums may not be awarded to exhibits not released by the superintendent.
  9. Auction Information-Meat pens and Single Fryers for the auction will be in the care of the 4-H exhibitor from 4-H Rabbit show check-out until the auction at which time tattoo numbers will be checked for same animal verification.
  10. A rabbit may not be shown by more than one 4-Her except in the companion class.

 Rabbit Educational Posters: Rabbit Educational Posters are to be brought on poster judging day. See “General Rules” for poster requirements. All posters, notebooks, and display boards must include a reference list indicating where information was obtained, giving credit to the original author, to complete the 4-H member’s exhibit. This reference list should/might include web site links, people and professionals interviewed, books, magazines, etc. It is recommended this reference list be attached to the back of a poster or display board, be the last page of a notebook, or included as part of the display visible to the public. A judge is not to discredit an exhibit for the manner in which references are listed.

Showmanship Activity: 4-H members must use their own rabbit that has been exhibited in the 4-H Rabbit show. Showmanship will take place after the 4-H Rabbit Show. Best of Breed (BOB) and Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) will be awarded in the Four Class Breeds and Six Class Breeds sections. A Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded in all other classes. A Best of Show will be awarded.

Six Class Breeds:

Meat Pen: Open to rabbit project member in the live exhibit. Only one entry in this section. A Meat Pen is made up of three rabbits, all of the same breed and same variety, each rabbit weighing a minimum of three pounds and a maximum of five pounds and not over ten weeks of age on the day of the show.

Single Fryer Class: Open to rabbit project members in the live exhibit. Single Fryer may come out of the Meat Pen but will count as one of the 20 rabbits. Only one entry in the section. The rabbit should weigh a minimum weight of three pounds and a maximum weight five pounds and not be over ten weeks of age on the day of the show.

Four Class Breeds:

Fancy Three: Open to Rabbit project members of two years or more in the live exhibit. Only one entry in this section. The exhibit is made up of three rabbits of the same Four Class Breed and variety. Rabbits must be junior age (under 4 months).

Doe and Litter: Open to Rabbit project members in the live exhibit. Doe will count as one of the 20 rabbits but not the kits. Only one entry in this section. Exhibit shall consist of one doe and a litter of three or more young rabbits. The litter shall be 7-9 weeks old at the time of the fair. Doe and Litters are strongly advised not to stay at the fair after judging.

Companion Rabbit

  1. All rabbits are eligible. This class is designed, but not limited to, rabbits that do not fall under the guidelines set forth by the ARBA show standards.
  2. The show will be the day following the breed show.
  3. Only 1 entry per member. Rabbit cannot be shown in both breed and companion class.
  4. All general online entry and tattoo rules apply.

Companion class will be judged on how the rabbit and member interact in the exercise pen for 3 minutes. This could be, but not limited to, walking on lead, playing or moving toys, doing jumps etc.

Coat condition and overall health of the rabbit will be taken into consideration.

Awards of Champion will be awarded in each class. All 4 champions will be judged against each other for Grand Champion.


Interested in sponsoring a trophy or award for this project? Please contact the project superintendent or Extension Office at 219-755-3240 to learn more!

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