LaGrange County Horse & Pony Club OPEN Shows
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Hi Point Award Program 


The mission of LaGrange County Horse & Pony Club is to promote youth and volunteers through horse events while developing humane treatment of animals, polite behavior, good sportsmanship and participating in fair competition.


♣  One $300 Grand Prize – 13 & under Division
    Pole Bending – 13 & under
    Barrels – 13 & under

♣  One $300 Grand Prize – 18 & under Division
    2-D Poles – 18 & under
    Flags – 18 & under
    3-D Barrels – 18 & under

Qualifying Shows

There are four qualifying shows per year. The Open Contesting Shows are
sponsored by the Horse & Pony Committee and will be held in May, June, July
and Labor Day Weekend.


1. Points will be awarded on a one horse / one rider combination. Entry Booth must
    have full nameof rider and horse. Failure to use proper names throughout show
    year will result in Hi Point Award disqualification.

2. Points will be earned for up to 15 of the fastest qualifying runs with 15 points
    awarded to fastest time and 1 point awarded for the 15th fastest time. If there
    are less than 15  times, points will be adjusted, e.g., if only 10 riders posted
    qualifying times the fastest time would earn 10 points.

3. The Horse / Rider combination will be announced prior to entering the arena.
    Due to the possibility of riders having multiple horses in a class, the entry booth
    must have the correct horse/rider combination before the timer is broken to start
    the pattern. Failure to get correct information to entry booth, prior to run, will
    disqualify that run for Hi Point Award. It is the rider's responsibility to be sure
    entry booth has correct information.

4. Breaking pattern as determined by entry booth officials will be a class

5. One Pole/Barrel down – 5 second penalty. Two Poles/Barrels down –
    10 second penalty. Three Poles/Barrels down – class disqualification.

6. Flag class – Knocking over any barrel is a disqualification. Not carrying flag
    beyond end barrel is a disqualification. Carrying flag beyond end barrel but
    not “sticking” flag will be 10 second penalty.

7. Failure of rider to stay astride horse throughout the pattern, from crossing
    timer to begin and crossing timer to end, will be a disqualification.

8. Rider may not run horse through any gate.

9.  Any show rules broken, as deemed by the horse & pony committee, may
     disqualify rider from Hi Point Award.

10. Any grievance must be filed in writing with $10 fee before the end of the show.

11. All points will be posted by the last class of the show. An accumulation of points
     will be posted at each show. All points are considered final by the end of the
     show day.

12. Ties will be broken by:
      a) Greatest number of classes entered;
      b) Most first places;
      c) Flip of a coin.

By John R Emerson, County Extension Director
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