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September 28, 2017

Purdue Extension Johnson County has a variety of foods and nutrition programs and resources available to the individual consumer, organizations, schools or businesses.  Linda Souchon, Health and Human Science Educator speciaiizes in Foods and Nutrition programming in the following areas:

Healthy Holidays - Healthy Holidays focuses on the fall and winter holiday season and thinking through ones strategies for eating healthy.  Unfortunately for some, an average weight gain during the holiday season may be as much as 4.8 pounds.  How can you reduce these odds?

Successful Slow Cooker Ideas - Utilizing the slow cooker is an excellent option for busy families, whether you are cooking for one or more.  We'll look at some of the basic concepts to have success in the slow cooker.  Recipes and tasting can be made awailable to audience.

Slow Cookers: The Lighter Side – We’ll touch on the basic of using the slow cooker and how one can adjust recipes to reduce fat, calories, sodium to make them healthier choices with sacrificing taste.

Slow Cooker Soups – Slow cooker soup offers two advantages: minimal cleanup and unattended simmering. From chicken to vegetable to potato; slow cooker soups are low maintenance, minimal costs and great options for providing your family with comfort, nutrition and taste.

Spend Smart; Eat Smart – How can we trim food costs? Food waste? Enjoy a fun and interactive game of Spend Smart; Eat Smart that will provide you with ways to trim your food costs and get the most from your food dollars.

Boost Your Brain Power: Dodge Dementia with Diet – Every 7 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with dementia, a statistic that strikes fear in all of us as we age. Dementia is not an inevitable part of aging, there’s a lot one can do to protect their brain. How important is diet and physical activity to boosting your brain power?

Shopping Smart for the HEART – Smart shopping for a healthier heart includes tips for simple, healthful cooking methods, aisle-by-aisle product recommendations and health-promoting lifestyle steps. Program can be done in a group presentation format at your location or actual grocery tour in your area.

Fish is Brain Food – Current guidelines recommend 8-ounces of seafood per week; how are you doing? The program will highlight some easy ways to incorporate seafood into your weekly diet and the benefits reaped. We’ll look at the latest research on the Omega-3 fatty acids, where they are found, precautions with fish oil supplements and more. Food demonstration and tasting can be a part of this program.

How Sweet It Is! – What beverages are you consuming on a regular basis’s and how much sugar are they contributing to your diet. You will be involved in a hands-on activity that will help you make wiser choices.

Caffeine and Energy Drinks – Nine of ten Americans consume some form of caffeine regularly. What are the benefits? Cautions? What’s guarana, taurine, and glucuronolactone that are comely in these drinks?

Eat Breakfast Like a King – Are you skipping breakfast? What’s research showing between breakfast consumption and weight management, cardiovascular disease, lipid disorder, diabetes and high blood pressure? You’ll have the opportunity to try some quick and healthy breakfast ideas fit for a king!





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