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Construction Toys

April 14, 2020

This is your online resource for the 2020 4-H Construction Toys project. The manual and record sheet is below. If you have questions, please refer to the 4-H Handbook or contact the Extension Office.

*If you have trouble accessing any of these documents below because of a disability, please contact the Jackson Co. Extension Office at (812) 358-6101 or send an email to schneidh@purdue.edu.


Here are the requirements for this project:



        The Construction Toys project allows 4-H members to create projects with Lego’s, K-Nex, Construx, Erector, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Duplo Blocks, craft sticks, etc. There are lots of different things you can do with this project. There are not a lot of guidelines with this project, which allows you to be creative! Note:  Attach to project - 4-H-618A-W "4-H Craft Information Card" for description of work completed on the project.

Project Exhibit Guidelines:

  1. Complete a record sheet.
  2. Exhibit may be of any design.
  3. Please check each level for specific size requirements.
  4. Blocks may be glued together, but isn’t mandatory.
  5. Members should construct a more advanced project each year.
  6. If multiple pieces make up the exhibit, a photograph of the complete exhibit should be attached to the exhibit so the total exhibit can properly be displayed.
  7. For safety purposes any craft exhibit that resembles a sword, knife, or look-a-like weapon will be judged but will not be displayed.

Project suggestions and ideas below are to get you started. (These are SUGGESTIONS - they are not requirements for this project.) You can be as creative as your personal skills allow.

Beginner: (Grades 3-5)

        Kits are recommended. Construct a character such as an animal, a person, a statue, or a form of transportation.

Intermediate: (Grades 6-8)

        Work on your creativity. Design your own model. A kit is NOT recommended. Construct a structure, a scence, or some form of transportation (car, plane, etc.).

Advanced: (Grades 9-12)

        Recommend trying moveable or motorized part(s). Construct a tractor on a farm, a space shuttle with lunar module, windmill and house, etc.

Additional Tips: Remember the exhibit must be transported and moved to display area. You may want to consider how well your project holds/stays together.

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