Workforce Development Logic Model and Evaluation Guide

By: Brad Sewell, Program Measurement and Evaluation Coordinator 

With the work of the Workforce Development team led by Tanya Hall, CD Regional Educator, a new structure for coordinated approaches and reporting has been developed across all Extension Program Areas.

During the fourth webinar on 10/27, Brad Sewell introduced a new workforce development logic model and an evaluation guide and question bank that may be used for any Program Area or discipline.  The logic model maps out the outcomes common to all workforce development programs. The Evaluation Guide and Question Bank provides sample evaluation questions, direction on how to report the results, and suggested text for posting results in an impact statement.

Resources for workforce development are posted on the Hub,

  • Workforce Development (WFD) logic model
  • Workforce Development – Outcomes, Evaluation Guide, and Question Bank

If you have questions about the WFD logic model and the question bank, please email

A 4-part webinar series on WFD was provided during October. The series explored workforce development within Indiana. It included learning from the Department of Workforce Development (DWD), a panel of workforce development agencies/partners, examining Extension’s workforce development programs and brainstorming next steps.

WFD webinar series:

  1. What is Workforce Development and why is it important?
  2. Hearing from Workforce Development Agencies and Partners (panel)
  3. Extension Workforce Development Highlights by Program Area
  4. What should be the next steps in Extension’s workforce development programming?

If you have questions about WFD, please contact Tanya Hall,

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