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Making videos for work and educational purposes always comes with a challenge, especially when making your first video. Camtasia is a software suite that is used for creating videos and presentations by syncing directly with Screencast or Microsoft PowerPoint. During these ever-changing times, Camtasia can make it possible for you to connect to your students and engage with your colleagues.

Thankfully, Purdue has purchased the Camtasia application for your use. Should you need assistance accessing Camtasia contact AGIT. You can get started by opening the application and selecting New Project or importing any footage from another device that you may have recorded. TechSmith recommends using a microphone to record your voice, but if you do not have a microphone the built-in microphone on your computer will work just fine. Ensure that you have appropriate background lighting and noise before you begin your recording.

There are several videos posted on the Extension YouTube channel, that can help you get started in Camtasia. The videos cover some simple tricks and the basic tools that you will need to begin making your own media. To better assist you, there is also a document that covers the basics of Camtasia. For further questions, please contact Lily at

Camtasia Training 1: Starting a New Project

Camtasia Training 2: Recording Video

Camtasia training 3: Making Simple Edits

Camtasia Training 4: Adding Transitions

Camtasia Training 5: Adding Callouts

Purdue Extension Camtasia Training Document




Uploading videos to YouTube sounds intimidating to those who have never done so before. However, with a few simple steps, this task can be completed. YouTube is an excellent way for us to educate others and communicate our remote projects to our colleagues, communities, and members.

Available on the Purdue Extension YouTube channel, is a video that walks through the process of how to upload a video to YouTube. To better assist you, there is also a brief document, located at the bottom of this page, that lists the step by step process of uploading videos to YouTube. Happy video uploading!






February 23, 2020

Mailchimp can help you send targeted emails to your desired audience and help you gain and organize new supporters.

September 9, 2020

​Jesica Hollinger discusses how to create a useful story-board for your video and the importance of planning ahead. Greg Lindberg, Joan Crow, and Lily Morrissey talk through tips to capturing video and how to get started editing videos within the Camtasia editing software.

September 16, 2020

Greg Lindberg and Lily Morrissey discuss the basic editing tools in the Camtasia video editing software. Joan Crow provides insight on tips when creating videos as well as the new Purdue branding and the importance of following Purdue brand guidelines.

September 23, 2020

Greg Lindberg and Lily Morrissey discuss how to upload a video from Camtasia to YouTube, uploading to YouTube, and how to share a video to social pages.


September 30, 2020

Greg Lindberg and Lily Morrissey discuss how to convert videos, uploading videos, and safely storing them. Greg provides his recommendations on video production devices.






Here you can find tutorials for Camtasia, links to royalty free music, suggestion on video equipment, AgComm resources, and more. This page is sure to change and grow, as technology is always changing and we are finding new ways to accomplish tasks. For further questions or suggestions on other technologies that could be added to this page, please email Lily. Happy Researching!


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