Krista Farthing

Staff Development Coordinator

(765) 496-6515

Krista coordinates training and onboarding for Purdue Extension. Krista is in charge of the initiative for recruiting of educator staff and the organization of professional development opportunities. Contact Krista for questions concerning New Educator Orientation/Training, Mentoring, Civil Rights/Compliance, EEO, Extension Internship Program, Professional Development Conference, and Blackboard Courses.

Greg Lindberg

IT Specialist

(765) 496-0350

Greg’s focus is project management of the implementation of new systems and processes that affect all staff system-wide. Greg oversees full-time implementation, infrastructure, and training for new and existing organizational technologies within Purdue Extension. He is also the primary liaison with Purdue AgIT. Contact Greg for questions concerning projects related to Salesforce, Extension website and intranet, AgIT processes, and the development of internal/external applications.

Julie Huetteman

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

(765) 494-8309

Julie’s efforts focus on evaluation, reporting, and human subjects research. She is available to consult about evaluation planning and projects, to teach mapping questions to outcomes, and for assistance in collaborating team data collection and reporting. She provides training in logic models, evaluation, survey design, and impact statements. She monitors activities toward Extension strategic initiatives and shares our impacts in quarterly and annual reporting, and via online communication and social media. She develops and coordinates Extension metrics reporting in the Digital Measures system. Julie compiles data from Digital Measures and produces the annual report to USDA NIFA. She is the coordinator for Extension’s Human Subjects Committee and the policies and procedures for our staff.

Contact Julie for questions about program evaluation, logic models, outcomes, impact statements, Digital Measures, and human subjects research.

Erin Watson

Education Store Manager


Erin oversees the daily operations of the Education Store. This includes processing orders and shipping of all of the publications that are housed in the store.  She also processes all invoicing and billing to the County Extension offices and outside businesses.  The Ed Store creates all of the Cvent Registration Sites for a vast variety of training workshops.  Erin is directly involved in the Cvent Registration process from start to finish – from the initial email received with details to set up the site to the final closing of the event after all financial information is received.  She partners closely with the educators and support staff to ensure that each workshop is carried out in the smoothest way possible. Please don’t hesitate to email or call The Ed Store or Erin directly regarding publications, billing/invoicing, county mailings, Cvent workshops/Registration sites, or anything else that comes to mind!

Amanda Dickson

International Programs In Agriculture


Amanda’s focus is on international extension which involves increasing global awareness and cultural competencies within Extension, creating and expanding local and international opportunities for educators, specialists, and faculty, and integrating an Extension component into faculty and specialist’s international projects. Amanda’s position is split between Extension and the International Programs in Agriculture department. Contact Amanda for questions about working short term internationally, incorporating an international component into your programming, interested in working with faculty/specialists that have international projects, or want to learn about a culture different than your own.

Jesica Hollinger

Extension Communications Coordinator


Jesica manages communication efforts for Purdue Extension, which include the production of daily and weekly electronic news. She serves as a resource for all Extension employees, with regard to best practices in the creation of marketing materials, message development, news and publicity, conducting media interviews, crisis communications, and maintaining the Purdue Extension brand. Jesica also works closely with Agriculture Communications to produce messaging for web, print, and marketing materials to generate awareness of Extension and elevate its stature.

C. Bradford Sewell

C. Bradford Sewell
Program Measurement and Evaluation Coordinator

(765) 494-6715

Brad works closely with Julie Huetteman, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator  to help strengthen our programs, making sure stakeholders and funding agencies are aware of, and understand, their effectiveness. Contact Brad for assistance with evaluation for your Extension programs, grants and funded projects.