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ADA Compliancy

Social Media Accessibility Webinar February 24, 2022 – Recording/Resources

Thank you to all who attended the Social Media Accessibility Webinar on February 24th! A lot of information was shared and hopefully it was very helpful to those of you who post to social media for your county or your program areas. We provided the recording for everyone who would like to review the information again or were unable to make the professional development virtual session. Please share the link with your team members in your county office, especially those who assist with social media efforts. If you have any additional questions, please contact Christina Swathwood (

Link to Video Presentation of Accessibility Webinar – Anna Ribbeck
Accessibility PowerPoint Slide Presentation – Anna Ribbeck
How to Activate Closed-Captioning (CC) to Your Live Zoom Presentation


Brand Color

Beyond our logo, color is one of the most recognizable aspects of our brand identity. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive Purdue University brand.

Purdue Branding Guide Color Chart


Typography is a robust vehicle for our brand voice. It contributes to how our messages are read and communicated. Acumin Pro is our sans-serif family and a workhorse for our communications. United Sans adds a rigid and collegiate accent. Source Serif Pro, our serif family, performs well at small sizes, in longer-form text and in more sophisticated applications. Used together, these three typefaces create a clear hierarchy and keep our content legible and engaging.

More information for branding guidelines can be found at

Purdue Day of Giving

Purdue Day of Giving
April 27, 2022

Please refer to this link below for the Extension Social Media Toolkit:

State Extension will be participating in the Hourly and Full Day Challenges on social media platforms. Please review the list of the Hourly Challenges and consider which challenges you may want to participate in. Those highlighted in blue on this form challenges that State Extension will be participating in. Remember, your county can win these challenges individually!

Be sure to check out the Purdue Day of Giving website!