Social Media Accessibility Webinar February 24, 2022 – Recording/Resources

By: Christina Swathwood, Operations Specialist – HHS Extension

Thank you to all who attended the Social Media Accessibility Webinar on February 24th! A lot of information was shared and hopefully it was very helpful to those of you who post to social media for your county or your program areas. We provided the recording for everyone who would like to review the information again or were unable to make the professional development virtual session. Please share the link with your team members in your county office, especially those who assist with social media efforts. If you have any additional questions, please contact Christina Swathwood (

These links can be found on the Hub underneath the Quick Links or underneath the Communications tab.

Link to Video Presentation of Accessibility Webinar – Anna Ribbeck
Accessibility PowerPoint Slide Presentation – Anna Ribbeck
How to Activate Closed-Captioning (CC) to Your Live Zoom Presentation

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