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The Salesforce Training Center includes step-by-step information on getting started with Salesforce, including how to organize your Contacts and Mail Groups. There is also detailed steps on running reports in Salesforce. Please check this site frequently for helpful links, tips, and updated information on the Salesforce system. If you can not find an answer to a question you have on this site or from the Salesforce Help and Training center, then please contact Greg Lindberg, IT Specialist, at

To best view videos in-browser, it is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox. Videos can also be viewed directly by clicking on the heading for the video.

Salesforce Training: Overview

Salesforce Training: Contacts

Salesforce Training: Mail Groups

Salesforce Training: Reports

Salesforce Training: Leads

Salesforce Training: Duplicate Check

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Salesforce Training:  Importing Contacts

Salesforce Training:  Creating a View

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