Strategic Planning 2025

By: Jason Henderson, Senior Associate Dean, Director of Purdue Extension

This past fall, we took the first steps in creating the Purdue Extension strategic plan that will direct our path for the next five years – Building Purdue Extension for 2025.

Your input at the PDC discussion tables, along with the information we received from the recent survey you completed, have been guideposts in helping us determine the issues that matter most to you. Key issues and needs for the future of Indiana, that Extension can help address, were at the heart of the survey responses and roundtable discussions. From the survey results, 15 issues emerged for Purdue Extension. At PDC, each attendee selected one of the 15 issues, and took part in discussion to define the issue, identify resources (that we already have or that we lack), and how we would deliver programs in 2025. Some issues had one table of discussants, and other issues had multiple tables as attendees chose an issue of interest to them.

A report of the survey and round tables was completed by Willie Burgess, Director of the Purdue Evaluation and Learning Research Center. The report, “Purdue Cooperative Extension Issues Analysis” is available for your review at We want to make sure your key issues were addressed, so if you haven’t taken part yet, or didn’t get a chance to express your ideas, please respond now and let us know if we missed anything. Please submit your input by March 13 to this online surey: At this same time, the College of Agriculture is finishing-up their strategic planning activities, and Extension has been contributing to this process.

Your input and the analysis from the identified issues will be given to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), who will work to shorten the list into an achievable number of priorities we can successfully execute. ELT will take the Extension information and integrate it into the College’s strategic plan, becoming Extension’s strategic plan for 2020-2025 with an April target date. Your participation throughout this process is vital, as we work toward a shared vision for the future of Purdue Extension, and determine our best course of action.