Purdue Day of Giving, April 27th

By: Lily Morrissey, Communications Specialist

Last week, Purdue Foundation for Life met with Extension via a Zoom meeting to discuss the Purdue Day of Giving. This meeting was not recorded, however, you can find the Purdue Day of Giving – Extension toolkit online and check the Purdue Day of Giving website for all information related to this large campaign.

It is very exciting that this year, all counties have the opportunity to participate in Purdue Day of Giving and earn donations that will be recieved by their county. Please be sure to read Dr. Henderson’s April newsletter, From the Director, to learn more details of how your county funds will be managed.

All counties are encouraged to view the Purdue Day of Giving tool kit and participate in Hourly and Full Day Challenges. As a friendly reminder, please make sure to always use the full verbage of ‘Purdue Day of Giving’ and to not abbrieviate when composing your social posts. It is also helpful to add in your ‘thank you’ for donating posts, a hashtag at the end of your post with where the funds are intended to go to. (#PorterCounty)

These links are also shared on the Social Media page, found underneath the Communications tab on the Hub, or the Quick Links menu.


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