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      • Jessica – I think Jay meant it opens the logo image not a document. Are we just to create our own stationary using this specific logo?

        • Tonya – We didn’t receive a stationary template in our packet, but I just made a request to have one created
          for us. I’ll post it on the Hub as soon as it’s ready. Stay tuned!

          • Jessica – Has a letterhead document been created for Word or should we create our own?
            Thank you!

          • Diana – I have made a request for a letterhead to be created for us. What is your timeline for needing this?

  1. I thought I had seen the intro/outro video clips for branding our videos here on the hub. I can’t seem to find them now….where do I look for those? Thank you!
    (I did find ones on the Purdue brand website, but those are not Extension branded.)

    • Hi Ashley! Thanks for reaching out. All of the county brands are now on the Box, which is Purdue’s cloud server. I’ll send directions on how to access that information to your email.

          • If possible can we have information on receiving our county co-brand for Wells County? I tried looking in the co-branding folders, but the zip file for Wells County is empty.

          • Hi Jenni! Thanks for letting us know that the link does not work on the Hub. The cobrands are actually saved on Box, so you should be able to access them there. You can visit Box at, if you do not see the folder for the cobrands, please email Marion Welsh ( to add you.

  2. I see there is a co-branded letterhead template. Is this the official letterhead to use right now? There seems to be some confusion on what is usable and not in our office.

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