Annual Report

Dear Extension Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to formally announce the release of the Purdue Extension 2019 Annual Report!

This year’s theme, “Building Vibrant Communities Together” demonstrates some of the many ways Extension is integrated into the fiber of Indiana communities. Your continued support helps us reach millions of Indiana residents each year. We thought you might enjoy knowing some of our highlights and accomplishments in 2019:

  • We offered 10,540 learning event sessions in person and through technology.
  • We made 268,975 direct educational contacts in Extension learning events.
  • We involved 121,227 Indiana 4-H members in club experiences, with the help of 15,949 adults and teens who served as 4-H volunteers.
  • We had 530,375 new and returning users to our website, and 2,422,397-page views.

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General Messages/Points of Pride 

Purdue Extension works with Indiana residents to build vibrant communities, strong families, and profitable businesses. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

Extension workshops connect members of the farm community to tools and resources they need, youth to career possibilities, and help develop Indiana’s workforce. See how in the 2019 Annual Report

With Extension training, community members discover new ways to gain consensus and create healthy communities. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

Purdue Extension engages, serves, and inspires the people of Indiana. Learn about the many ways in the 2019 Annual Report:

Purdue Extension offered 10,540 Learning Event Sessions – structured educational programs in person and via technology. 2019 Purdue Extension Annual Report:

Purdue Extension made 268,975 Direct Educational Contacts with participants in learning events. Visit the 2019 Purdue Extension Annual Report for a complete summary

Wow!!! The Purdue Extension website has 530,375 new and returning users, with 2,422,397 page views.  Get all the stats in the 2019 Purdue Extension Annual Report:

Did you know Purdue Extension engages more than 19,290 individuals on Social Media with likes, comments, and shares – with a whopping 12,936 new followers? Read more

Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Extension provides growers with the latest information on production methods and new commercial crops. Read more in the Purdue Extension 2019 Annual Report:

In one year, Purdue Extension’s new hemp specialist, Marguerite Bolt, provided information at 40 events throughout the state. Read about this emerging crop and efforts to educate potential growers:

Michael O’Donnell oversees workshops on organic farming, and plays a critical role in one-on-one consulting and network builder. Read more in the Purdue Extension 2019 Annual Report:

Events like the Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meeting provide technical information and networking opportunities to participants like Dale Longwell, conventional seed salesman and organic farmer in Wayne County. Read about his experience and more:

Extension Field Days, with organic farm visits led by Michael O’Donnell, Purdue Extension’s Organic and Diversified Agriculture Educator build community and camaraderie. Learn about how farmers are helping each other in the 2019 Annual Report:

The Urban Agriculture Certificate program (UAC) helps train the urban farmers to increase food security, develop small business, and reduce neighborhood blight. Read how in the 2019 Annual Report

Ellen Bauman, market manager of Windrose Urban Farm in Fort Wayne completed her Urban Agriculture certification and learned all aspects of an operation, including site selection, soil testing, business practices and navigating regulatory issues. Learn more in the 2019 Annual Report

Allen County Extension Educator, Terri Theisen, member of the diversified Food and Farming Systems visited the farmers market each weekend to help urban farmers to be successful. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

92% of participants in the Urban Agriculture Certificate program learned design tactics for their growing space. Read how in the 2019 Annual Report:

Read how “Weathering the Storm in Agriculture: How to Cultivate a Productive Mindset” and “Communicating with Farmers Under Stress” are two Extension programs created to help identify and cope with farm stress positively:

18 Participants in the UAV Signature Program adopted the technology for agronomic crops. Learn more in the 2019 Annual Report


Community Development 

The Hometown Collaboration Initiative (HCI) engaged more than 16,000 Indiana residents through surveys with 1,200 through forums, generating 12,000 volunteer hours. Read more in the

Logansport Re-imagined was one of Community Development’s capstone projects – helping communities learn to build on their strengths and make sustainable changes to booster small business, enhanced public spaces, and facilities. Read more:

Honing in on small communities and helping them thrive is at the heart of Purdue Extension’s Community Development program and the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD), who also work with Indiana’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs and Ball State University. Read how in the

Community members who participate in Facilitative Leadership learn how to deal with complex issues in group dynamics to guide the collaborative process in meetings and organizations. Learn how in the

Purdue Extension Community Development and the Purdue Center for Regional Development are helping rural communities think beyond their borders, through the Stronger Economies Together (SET) program that uses data from Purdue, and guidance from Extension educators, to asses a region’s strength and build on it. Read more in the

100% of participant in Facilitative Leadership report increase value to their work, community, and/or volunteer efforts. Read more in the

Community leaders like Jalen Roseberry of the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance use facilitative leadership in meetings with colleagues. Learn why it’s important:

Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces: Creating Healthy Communities (EVPHS:CHC) is a Purdue Extension program that works to elevate public spaces with environmental, health, and wellness benefits. Learn more in the

The INWork – Innovate, Invest, Inspire – Skills for Tomorrow’s Workforce program teaches life skills to increase the number of qualified applicants to fill Indiana’s job openings. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

Purdue Extension Community Development launched Digital Ready with Purdue trainers conducting workshops statewide to help participants build their technical knowledge and incorporate digital strategies into their workplaces. Read more

Robert Gallardo, Extension Specialist and assistant director of the Purdue Center for Regional Development estimates rural businesses in Indiana could contribute $3.9 billion per year, in addition to 16,000 jobs and $640 million in wages. Learn more in the

A vacant lot in downtown Connersville was transformed into The Oasis, a gathering place that includes green space, an educational garden, walking trails, and concert space to re-energize the community as a result of the help of Purdue Extension’s EVPHS:CHC program. Read the inspiring story in the


Health and Human Sciences 

Parents who take the Co-Parenting for Successful kids course learn to identify techniques to resolve conflict and strengthen a sense of family, while going through a divorce. Learn now in the 2019 Annual Report

Judge Nathan Verkamp, Dubois County Circuit Court in Indiana requires couples to complete the Co-Parenting for Successful Kids program during the 60-day waiting period, prior to getting divorced. Read how the program benefits parents and children:

Purdue Extension’s Safe Produce Indiana Training helps indoor producers make sure their produce is clean and safe to eat, including small-scale businesses to meet the safety requirements. Learn how in the 2019 Annual Report

Extension Specialist Amanda Deering, clinical assistant professor of food science and Scott Monroe, food safety Extension Educator are lead instructors in the Safe Produce Indiana trainings and recently launched a new Purdue Extension Food Safety Training Hub in Vincennes, read more:

Extension’s ServSafe program helps retail food establishments be compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements in food-handling, safe practices and more. Read how:

Food Prescriptions for Better Health is a collaborative program offered through Purdue Extension that helps individuals improve their diets and make better food choices. Learn more in the 2019 Annual Report

Dining with Diabetes teaches participants ways to manage diabetes through food choices, meal planning, food preparation, and physical activity. Read how 82% of participants felt less overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes in the 2019 Annual Report

Be Heart Smart is a program that helps individuals identify their risk factors for heart disease and make simple, heart-healthy lifestyle changes. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

Learn how techniques learned in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) helped Lieutenant Detective Cody Crouse of the Hartford City Police Department in Blackford County manage a substance-related mental health crisis. Learn more in the 2019 Annual Report

More than 520 individuals participated in Purdue Extension’s Mental Health First Aid courses at 30 locations across the state. Read more:

The Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) teaches youth about the benefits of healthy eating, an offering through Extension’s Nutrition Education Program that empowers SNAP-eligible adult and youth make healthy lifestyle choices through free nutrition classes:


4-H Youth 

Students from 11 Indiana Counties developed action plans to address local poverty – spurred from their participation in the Heifer International Global Gateway program. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

Indiana 4-H encourages youth to serve as leaders in their communities and introduces them to new technologies. Learn the ways in the 2019 Annual Report

18 Participants in the UAV Signature Program adopted the technology for agronomic crops. Learn more in the 2019 Annual Report

Calhoun Fisher, a six-grade student and part of the Benton County Drone Spark Club shares his knowledge with the Rural Caucus meeting of state senators and representatives at the 2019 Indiana State Fair. Read about his experience:

Clover Gaming uses board and card games as tools for hands-on learning, as youth design and construct prototype games of their own. Learn how in the 2019 Annual Report

The IndYouth Food Challenge helps youth learn proper food handling, nutrition guidelines, and cooking techniques – served up with a side of confidence. Read about it in the 2019 Annual Report

Purdue Extension has been bringing STEM activities to Northern Heights Elementary for two years through 4-H STEM Connection through a program called Creators & Explorers for second and third grade student, and Makers Fair for fourth and fifth grade students. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

A whopping 64% of those who participated in The IndYouth Food Challenge were participating in a 4-H experience for the first time. Read the entire story in the 2019 Annual Report

4-H Stem Connection relies on Teens as Teachers (high school youth) to help guide younger kids and bring 4-H programs to new participants in elementary schools and lower grades. Read more in the 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, 121,227 Indiana 4-H members engaged in 4-H club experiences. Read about the many ways in the 2019 Annual Report