Annual Report

Dear Extension Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to formally announce the release of the Purdue Extension 2018 Annual Report!

All in a Day’s Work is the theme of this year’s report. You may notice a timestamp cleverly hidden throughout the pages, which demonstrates your daily commitment to meet the needs of Indiana residents—every hour of every day.

From agriculture and natural resources to mental health and workforce development, we focus on your efforts to help Indiana residents build quality communities and healthy families.

Here are just a fraction of Extension’s accomplishments in 2018:

  • 11,455 learning event sessions – structured educational programs both in person and through technology.
  • 316,281 direct educational contacts with participants in Extension learning events.
  • 59,000 young people through 4-H Youth Development – our next generation of leaders.
  • 448,461 new and returning users through our website with 2,613,547 views!

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General Messages – Points of Pride

Across Indiana, Purdue Extension transforms lives and livelihoods 24/7 – every hour, every day. Read about the many ways in the online annual report:

Our team of Specialists and Educators in all 92 counties connects Indiana communities to Purdue’s world-class research and experts. Learn more online:

Since 1914, Purdue Extension has helped Indiana build vibrant communities, strong families, and profitable businesses on its Main Streets and at its farm gates. Read more:

Learn how Extension brings job training to Indiana producers, keeping them up-to-date on new skills and technologies in the 2018 Annual Report:

Purdue Extension offered 11,455 Learning Event Sessions – in person and through technology. Check out the annual report for a complete data summary:

Purdue Extension made 316,281 Direct Educational Contacts with participants in learning events. Visit the annual report for a complete summary:

Can you believe it?!? Purdue Extension website has 448,461 new and returning users and 2,613, 547 page views! Get all the stats in the annual report online:

Are you surprised that Purdue Extension engages more than 9000 individuals on Social Media and had 12,649 new followers in 2018? Visit the 2018 Annual Report for more:

Purdue Extension is the link between Land Grant research and Indiana Citizens. Read how Extension works to serve the residents of Indiana in one of the 18 inspiring stories in the 2018 annual report:


Extension brings job training to Indiana producers keeping them up-to-date with new technologies and skills: Learn more in the 2018 Annual Report:

Last August, 200 participants gathered at the Pinney Purdue Field Day in LaPorte County for a variety of workshops. Read more:

Extension’s Quad Squad, or drone team, demonstrates the ease of use of precision of data and long-term, positive impacts of UAV’s for producers and ranchers of all ages. Check out the 2018 Annual Report:

Extension Educators certified to fly UAV’s are collecting preliminary data to create case studies for best practices in crop production, animal agriculture, marketing, and resource management. Read more in the annual report

82 teachers from nine counties in Indiana, along with 11 counties in Maine attended The Nature of Teaching workshops on wildlife, health and wellness, and food waste. Read more in the 2018 Annual Report:

The Nature of Teaching educational program helps third-grade students at Lincoln Elementary in Bedford maintain school garden beds, an orchard, and a butterfly habitat. Read how Nature is the Best Teacher in the 2018 Annual Report:


Reading Made Fun is an Extension effort that organizes volunteers to read aloud to the kindergarten children at Brush Creek Elementary in Jennings County. Learn more about how Reading Made Fun helps children develop a love of reading:

Did you know that 12,000 books were given to 2,450 Jennings County children through the Reading Made Fun program led by Purdue Extension? Read more:

Morgan County Master Gardeners volunteer once a week at the Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County in Mooresville to teach youth about gardening, growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Read Nourishing Relationships in the 2018 Annual Report:

Master Gardeners logged 190 volunteer hours with the Boys and Girls Club of Mooresville – building lasting relationships through their mentoring services. Read their story – Nourishing Relationships in the 2018 Annual Report:

Eliminating the digital divide remains a major obstacle to community economic development and educating our youth in Indiana. Read how Roberto Gallardo of the Purdue Center for Regional Development and his team are working to close that gap in the 2018 Annual report:

Digital Ready Business courses provide small rural business practical ways to make the most of their online presence, from planning a website to social media marketing. Efforts focused on Eliminating Indiana’s Digital Divide are featured in the 2018 Annual Report:

Stephanie Lober of Covington participated in the Digital Ready Business course offered by the Purdue Center for Regional Development to help her develop the online component of her real estate business. Read the entire story in the 2018 Annual Report:

Purdue’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP) helps track maintenance issues at the five residential buildings with LTHC Homeless Services through a new app that’s accurate and easy to use. Read more in the 2018 Annual Report.

Tap has assisted 19,000 organizations and trained more than 50,000 empolyees since the program began. Read how a lone, maintenance staff member was greatly assisted by the TAP resources in Making Dollars for Homeless Services Go Farther:

Prof. Tim Gavin, health and kinesiology received a $1.15 million grant and worked with Purdue Extension in Jackson and Lawrence Counties to build coalitions to address health issues in these communities. Catch the story in the 2018 Annual Report:

Live Well Lawrence County – Mitchell Chapter created the Bluejacket Trail, connecting 2.6 miles of sidewalks and trails, installed new benches, bike racks, and established Friendship Park – all part of a Purdue Extension effort to build community health coalitions. Read more in the 2018 Annual Report.

An indoor playground at The Boys and Girls Club, along with bike lanes, trails, and a fitness court were part of Healthy Jackson County – a coalition made possible, through Extension’s efforts to build healthy communities. Read the story in the 2018 Annual Report:

Danielle Guerin transformed an overgrown plot in Indianapolis into a robust garden – knowledge she gained through Extension’s Urban Agriculture Certificate. Formerly a food desert, Temple Gardens yields healthful produce to urban residents. More in the 2018 Annual Report:

Purdue Extension designed a yearlong curriculum to prepare city-based agriculture leaders for success in urban organic crop production – now in its third year in Marion County and first in Allen County. Read From Desert to Garden in the 2018 Annual Report.


Purdue Extension directors offer Mental Health First Aid across Indiana to help participants learn to identify signs of crisis, what they should and shouldn’t say, and where to point someone for help. Learn more in the story Mental Health Matters:

Nearly 200 Hoosiers participated in Mental Health First Aid courses in 2018 offered by Purdue Extension.

Read the story in the 2018 Annual Report:

The Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 in Tippecanoe County helps families develop communication skills to help prevent future, problematic adolescent issues like aggression and substance abuse. Read more in the 2018 Annual Report:

Read about the Schultz’s family experience with the Strengthening Families program in their news story, Making Family Communication a Habit in the 2018 Annual Report:


Reports indicate 13.5 % live at or below the poverty line and numerous families even above that level struggle with food insecurity. Read about how Purdue Extension helps families increase healthy food in their households in the 2018 Annual Report:

Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program (SNAP-Ed) programs work to help increase access to health food at pantries, and also help residents build community gardens where they can grow their own fresh produce. Read the story: Setting an Abundant Table in the 2018 Annual Report:

Firefighters in Kosiusko County called upon to save the lives of others, needed a nudge to take better care of themselves, so they enrolled in Be Heart Smart – a program that helps adults make positive changes to reduce their risk. Read more in the 2018 Annual Report:

92% of firefighters who participated in the Be Heart Smart program in Kosciusko County said they would continue to monitor controllable risk factors, like blood pressure and cholesterol. Their story, Ready for the Next Emergency, is in the 2018 Annual Report:

4-H & Leader Training

Read about how the Wayne County 4-H  motorsports team built an electronic go-kart for the 2018 evGrand Prix in the news story, Electric Go-Karts Get the Green Light in the 2018 Annual Report:

Wayne County 4-H placed 2nd in the 2018 evGrand Prix held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, during the Indianapolis 500 festivities. Read about their journey to get there in the 2018 Annual Report:

STEM after-school programs offered by Purdue Extension in Spencer County give students in grades three through sixth hands-on opportunities to experience robots, virtual reality, 3D printers and more. Read the rest of the story in the 2018 Annual Report:

An amazing 92% of students who participated in the after-school STEM Club in Spencer County said they were more excitied about science and 100% reported learning something new. Read more in the 2018 Annual Report:

Elementary students across Indiana are learning fun lessons like how much sugar is in a soda or energy drink from teenagers – Teens as Teachers, that is. Read the story about how the program is engaging students to embrace healthy habits:

Elizabeth Tedder, a senior in agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue was among the first cohort of teen teachers, who led a 10-week program in schools near her hometown of Hope in Bartholomew County.

More than 600 teenagers have participated in Teens as Teachers and in 2019, grant funding will expand healthy habits training for 120 more new teachers. Read the whole story in Teenagers Lead the Class in the 2018 Annual Report:

Extension educators prepare youth to be ambassadors for animal agriculture in the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program with hands-on activities like sheep shearing, goat milking, and bottle-feeding a lamb. Read more in the 2018 Annual Report

Caring Comes First for the 19,540 4-H members who were trained in the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA), during the programs first year. In Perry County, YQCA was incorporated into an animal science day camp. Read about their hands-on activities:

Purdue Extension helps prepare the next generation of leaders with the necessary skills for success in the job application process, part of the INWork—Innovate, Invest, Inspire—Skills for Tomorrow’s Workforce program featured in the 2018 Annual Report:

92% of youth in the INWork program recognize the importance of being on time for work, during their job well, and respecting colleagues – read more in the 2018 Annual Report:

Looking Forward to the Future . . .

A new food safety-training center in Knox County at the Southwest Purdue Agricultural Center in Vincennes.

Heightened promotions of Indiana 4-H in Spanish peaking communities, with Xiomara Diaz Vargas, Indiana 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator in Marion Mounty sharing ways children can grow through 4-H programs with Telemundo Indy.

International outreach in agriculture and natural resources training. Purdue Extension staff are sharing their expertise while learning from colleagues in partner countries around the world.

Strengthening the successful Community Development program – Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces – with a new “Creating Healthy Communities” curriculum to help leaders and decision makers see how public spaces promote community-wide health and wellness.

Workforce development through the reintroduction of short courses in the agricultural and green sectors.

Combatting the opioid crisis with a free webinar series, sharing information and best practices on preventing misuse and abuse, along with health literacy and leadership on the issue.