Fee-based Committee to Share at PDC

By: Angie Abbott, Assistant Dean of Health and Human Sciences and
Associate Director of Purdue Extension

As public funds continue to be limited, acquiring other funds through grants, donations and fee-based activities becomes an important strategy to enhance Purdue Extension programs. In light of this, we formed a fee-based activity committee, who has been working the past nine months to update the guidelines and process associated with fee-based activities, which are defined as any activity, program, event, or workshop that requires a registration fee. Committee members involved in this process include myself, Linda Curly, Lisa Graves, Rosie Lerner, Steven McKinley, David Osborne, Kris Parker, Kara Salazar, Jennifer Goad, and McKenna Williams.

On Monday, December 2nd at PDC, we will share an overview of the committee’s work. This general session will highlight the changes in the guidelines, tools and resources for setting up fee-based activities, and examples of Extension programs utilizing the new guidelines.

On Tuesday of PDC, we will offer three break-out sessions for additional conversation and time for questions and answers. The first two sessions are specifically for county staff and the third session is for campus staff. This will give everyone an opportunity to ask specific questions not covered in the general overview on Monday.

In advance of PDC, we encourage you to check out the resources and materials on this new website https://extension.purdue.edu/hub/fee-based-activities/.  See you at PDC!

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