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Purdue Cooperative Extension Issues AnalysisReport of the Extension survey and PDC round table discussions.

Purdue Extension Post-Survey for Program Evaluation.
Here is a post-survey that you may use for you Purdue Extension events.

    • Instructions
    • Full-page paper survey
    • Half-sheet paper survey (print on both sides of paper – flip on short edge)
    • A Qualtrics version is available. Please email a request at least 2 weeks before your program.
    • SHORT CUT — Extension’s CVENT contains this same post-survey for adults. When you set up your registration details, you will also be able to select the post-survey. The post-survey will automatically be emailed via CVENT to your participants the day after the event. A reminder email is sent 2 weeks later. Three weeks after the event, email the CVENT staff to request the data.
    • For any questions or assistance, please contact Julie Huetteman and C. Brad Sewell at evaluation@purdue.edu.

2019 Evaluation Webinars – 30-minute webinars for Educators & Specialists
Recorded Webinars
Writing Effective Survey Questions
Writing Effective Survey Questions – SLIDES
Program development and evaluation
Proposals for funding that include evaluation

2019 Evaluation – Online Q & A – 30-minute open sessions for Educators & Specialists
Recorded Q & A
Ways to encourage online survey participation
How to structure a survey
When IRB is needed 


Evaluation Resources


Online Workshop – Evaluating for Outcomes & Reporting Results (from the 2018 PDC presentation)
This set of recorded presentations and participant worksheet can be used to learn and practice writing survey questions that address medium-term outcomes, and then taking results of those survey questions and writing narrative for impact statements. Click on the steps below to view the videos. All five modules will take less than 20 minutes to complete. You will need this worksheet when completing the modules Evaluation Session Worksheet

Step 1: Choosing an outcome from your program logic model

This module will reference logic models for medium-term outcomes. Download the logic model appropriate for your program area prior to viewing the video.
4-H Logic Models (including Common Measures 2.0)
ANR Logic Models
CD Logic Models
HHS Logic Models

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:
Julie Huetteman, jhuettem@purdue.edu