What happens if the event organizer chooses to cancel the program?

The participants that are registered get a full refund. The event account will be charged the $5 Cvent fee plus 12% of the registration fee. These fees cover the site fees and credit card transaction fees.

What if the participant wants to cancel registration?

Event organizers need to decide if they want to charge participants the cancellation fee ($5 plus 12% of the registration fee) or if the event account will incur the cancellation fees. If the event organizer chooses to charge the participant the cancellation fee then this statement will show up on their registration form:

Cancellation Policy will appear on all registration sites:  Registration cancellation or transfer is subject to a $?? processing fee.

What happens if a participant registers and chooses a payment options that is not online (cash or check) and then they do not show up or do not pay?

The event account is not charged for any unpaid no-shows.

Why can’t I enter my own event into Cvent?

To ensure a timely and quality process for the Event Coordinator, The Education Store staff is currently taking on the Event Planner role to assist in the event creation. In addition, The Education Store is credit card compliant with the University Treasury and thus are the only people that can process credit cards.

What if I want to use Cvent for a free event?

You can use Cvent for any event but there are fees associated with using Cvent even if you choose not to pass those fees along to your participants. An event account would be charged $5 for each registered participant.

When is the absolute last minute that I can submit the Cvent Registration Request form for my event?

The Ed Store requires a minimum of 10 Business Days to set up all events and move to test mode.  This is why planning events well in advance is crucial to getting the best response once the link launches.

I don’t do large “big dollar” events. Can I still use Cvent?

Yes, you can still use Cvent but the charges for Cvent ($5 per registrant plus the 12%) will still need to be covered by either the participant or the event account.

Will the Ed Store handle purchasing supplies for my event?

The Ed Store does not purchase any of the necessary supplies for events.  Program leaders and educators will be responsible for that.

Where will the registration request form be located?

The Cvent Registration Request form is located in the hub > Marketing > Cvent Resources.

Can we use this with a multi-county event?

Yes – the Event Coordinators need to determine the lead point of contact for The Education Store, the event account and who needs access to the event report.  Closing of multi-county events will only be processed to one county.  The participating counties will then be responsible for determining the final breakdown.

What if a participant comes to my event and wants to pay cash?

The Event Coordinator can take the cash payment for the registration but will need to return the payment to The Education Store via county check. The check needs to be returned with registration information so that it can be entered into Cvent. This will allow The Education Store to complete and close the registration site accurately.

How will I know who has signed up for my event?

You can track your roster at any time with the event report. The Event Coordinator  will be sent a link to view the report online, and is expected to use it prior to each event to ensure payments are all received.

What do we do if someone signs up the day of event?

You can take their information and payment, but you will need to send it to the Ed Store for reconciliation.

Can we offer tiered pricing for an event?

This would be something that could be determined when budget form is first submitted. While the system may allow tiered pricing, the program model established by the University does not have varying costs per person. The exception would be to provide various registration types to include materials when needed for participant.

If we need to offer scholarships or a discount for registration can we do that?

Discount codes will need to be looked at on a case by case basis.  If another entity is paying the registration cost- this is covered in another question further below.

What if someone doesn’t pay?

Payment must be received in order for the registrant to participate in the event.  The educator should view the Roster Report prior to the event to know who still owes.  If unpaid registrants show up for an event, fees are to be collected prior to participation. 

How do they cancel registration?

The best method to cancel is to contact the Ed Store – edustore@purdue.edu

To have access to the registration list, will you have a Cvent login or Salesforce?

We will send you a link to the report, you don’t have to have a Cvent or Salesforce log in – just your Purdue credentials.

Cash handling discussion – inputting credit card numbers onto Purdue machines

Registrations can be handled on Purdue devices, however payment cannot be entered through the website on Purdue devices. Individuals need to use their own devices for payment processing. Check/cash can be collected in the Extension Office, checks will need to be made out to: Purdue University and sent to the Ed Store.

What happens if I need to postpone my event?

The dates can be changed in Cvent and people will not have to re-register.

What is the minimum charge?

The minimum charge is up to you – we can process free events (you would just be responsible for the Cvent charges.)

If you have partners outside of Purdue can they access registration information?

No, only people with a Purdue email address can access registration information.

Does this integrate with 4-H Online?


Can you take down credit card numbers for walk-ins?

NO – Walk-ins can complete the process on their cell phone, or they can call the Ed Store with their credit card information, as they are compliant.

Do we mail individual checks or deposit and mail one check?

Either way, as long as they come to the Ed Store and are made payable to Purdue University.

Can we distinguish 4-H member vs non-member prices?  

Yes – we can set up different pricing.

If we do multiple discount codes how are we billed? Will it be taken from the net amount or the gross amount?

Discount codes will not be utilized unless approved on a case by case basis. We will have the ability for registrants to select different registrations based on needing more materials or type of workshop.  

If it is a multi-county event where do funds go? One county, 310 or multiple?

The funds will go to the main county that is in charge, and they can distribute to the other counties.

When will the funds generated be back to the county?

Once registration is closed, the Ed Store will provide the reconciliation to you with your total amount that will be deposited. Funds are deposited to your Ed fund or Campus Acct.

Does a customer have to enter an email address?  

Yes – this is their identifier. If they do not have an email, someone can register on their behalf.

Who gets to see the event report and how secure is it?  

Whoever you designate on the form to see the information. It is a secure site through Purdue, and meets IT standards.

Can we add a donation link so that people can donate to Purdue Extension?

Just use the current link we have on our website to take them to the PRF donations page.

If we have sponsors who would like to provide discounts, can we give a scholarship?

Workshops will not facilitate scholarships from third parties. If a sponsor wants to pay for certain individual registrations they have to do this outside the University. If it’s a department within the University covering registration for certain individuals, they will need to provide an account to charge those registrations to.

Is there a social media sharing option after they register?  

Yes. Please let us know if you’d like to have this feature enabled when creating an event.

How long is the info available after the event is done?  

We can set a date before it archives. You would tell us how long you want to keep the information. 

How do 4-H Educators use this?

Events that you would register people for – if you are actually registering 4-Hers, use 4-H online (Spark Clubs)

When the form is completed and ready for signature, if you are the program coordinator and also the CED, do you sign both spaces or have the DD sign off in place of the CED?

CED will be able to sign in both locations on form.

If you’re offering a program at two times and one is cancelled, is there a fee to transfer them to another event?  

There is no fee if the event date is scheduled. If someone wants to move to another event, they pay the participant fee. If the coordinator cancels the first event and a person chooses to go to another event, the coordinator eats the fee.

Can data be tracked from year to year?  

Yes – we can do this in Salesforce. 


What about postage for shipping materials from the Ed Store?  

Those costs need to be covered by the program. We would base it on how we are shipping it – we would need to know what was being shipped to give an estimate to put in the budget.