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Weekly Update

Each week, the Ed Store will post an update on Cvent information including tips, reminders, and
best practices.  Please check back next week for more updates.

There are currently no updates to report.

Use the following links to submit workshop information to the Education Store. 

Please contact the Education Store – – for guidance or with questions regarding this process.

QRG: How to Set Up an Event in Cvent Through the Education Store

Events cannot be launched until a budget worksheet is on file in the Education Store.
Campus Dept Worksheets are to be signed by Fiscal Approver and Delegate of Dept Head.
County Extension Worksheets are to be emailed to Karil Sommers –

Statewide Programs with established fees and budget DO NOT require a Budget Worksheet as long as the set rate is being used.

Complete a budget worksheet here:

All workshop requests are to be submitted at least 10 days before the event is expected to be launched.
Please select the link below to submit a request for any type of workshop:



Event Website Samples
Event Report Samples
Salesforce Integration Samples