May 12, 2022

The most recent Civil Rights Report conducted by Purdue University has shown that our Extension site within Cascade is falling short of being ADA compliant. ADA compliancy is very important to Extension, as we strive to be accessible and inclusive to all. It is important that you no longer add PDF newsletters or event announcements to your county websites. Please practice uploading your newsletters and events into Cascade by using the WYSIWYG editor block. For the simplest practice, compile your newsletter in a Word document so that you can print and distribute accordingly, but when adding this to Cascsade – copy/paste your Newsletter from Word into the WYSIWYG editor. Counties who remain using PDF’s for newsletters will be strongly encouraged to adjust practices.

January 27, 2022

The Training folder inside of Cascade was an excellent tool for us to use as we began familiarizing ourselves with the site. Now that Cascade has been launched since September, the training folder will be deleted at the end of this month. Please be certain to move any files or copy any text that you are wanting to carry over if you do have content within the training folder that you are wanting to keep. You will need to move any content that you are wanting to keep to your county folder.

January 1, 2022

If you have not done so yet, make sure to add a new folder for you 2022 news articles and events into Cascade. The steps for doing this on the Extension-News and the Extension-Events sites are similar but vary slightly.

To add these folders first go to the Extension-News site. Once you have navigated into your county’s folder, select the pink ‘Add Content’ button at the upper left hand of the screen. Select ‘Yearly Folder’. Both the folder name and the title will be ‘2022’. Please make sure that you are placing this new folder inside of your county folder. The navigation for this placement should be Extension-News>County>Your County>2022. When you are finished, select submit and then publish your folder.


After you have added your new year folder in Extension-News, change your site to Extension-Events and navigate to your county folder. Select the pink ‘Add Content’ button at the upper left ohand of the screen and select ‘Year-Month Event Folders’. Make sure at you are placing this new folder in your Extension-Events county folder. The title for this folder will be ‘2022’. When you are finished, select submit and then publish your folder.


November 16, 2021

As we navigate this website change, there are some important reminders of the items that should remain first and foremost on our priority list. The biggest priority that we have all adopted is the commitment to be ADA compliant. To remain ADA compliant, refrain from adding images that have text on the image and not typed into the site itself. Should you want to upload a flyer to the website, ensure that the information on the flier is also typed into the WYSIWYG editor as well. Text that is typed into the WYSIWYG editor will be read by a screen reader. Text that is on top of an uploaded image will not. Additionally, remember to always add ‘Alt Text’ to your images.

At this time here are some things that are pertinent to have on your website:

  • A clear way to enroll into 4-H, with a link that will direct users to the 4-H online enrollment sign-up
  • An updated About/Meet the Team page
  • Your upcoming events
  • Your most recent news
  • A 4-H landing page that includes your county 4-H handbook
  • Your county HHS page that introduces the program, communicates upcoming HHS events, and shows your county HHS educator
  • Your county ANR page that introduces the program, communicates upcoming ANR events, and shows your county ANR educator

New Extension Website Launch

September 15, 2021

Last Wednesday, September 8th, the new Purdue Extension website went live for the public. This results in all county websites now being hosted in Cascade rather than the Depot. Over the past several months, Ag Comm has offered trainings and uploaded a User Guide to follow. It is pertinent that all counites have county specific news articles, events, and an updated ‘About’ page by October 15th.

August 3, 2021

Purdue Extension will be transitioning from the Depot host to Cascade at the end of August 2021. Cascade is an excellent content management system software that will allow for you to have easier access to update your county events, post news articles, and craft your county website with the most relavant information.

As of now, the Agriculural Communications team is transferring county news articles and events dated back as far as January of 2020 to Cascade. You might notice that your most recent articles are not found on your county site in Cascade, due to the nature of when your article was posted in occurance to when your county was being transitioned.

Please take the time to review the articles that are posted within your county on Cascade. Right now, it is important to add your county events to Cascade. Those counties without added events, will have only state events showing on their events calendar.

For more information on adding events to your county site within Cascade, please review this training video. Begin watching this video at 1:14 ( 1 hour and 14 minutes) to see how to add a news article, which is very similar as to how to add an event.



Lily Morrissey is the point of contact for you to meet with virtually and connect with via email should you need assistance in adding articles, events, and later on down the road finessing your county site to appear the way that you are wanting.

Lily Morrissey, Digital Communications Coordinator

Furthermore, SiteInsight is a newsletter that relays the most current information regarding the migration to Cascade.

User Guide

Ag Comm has developed a Cascade User Guide to review and refer back to when working in Cascade.This user guide provides links to getting started within Cascade, training materials, frequently asked questions, the style guide, and web resources.

Cascade User Guide

Training Videos

Professional Development Conference Recording – Cascade Images
Download Powerpoint Slides

How to Create a Page

How to Add a News Article

How to Add an Event

How to Add a Recurring Event

How to Edit Your About Page

Hannon Hill Training Video

This training video will walk through the ins and outs of using Cascade. Follow along to learn about how folders work, adding newsletters, events, and how you can alter your county site.