Keeping the Business in the Family: A Roadmap to Successful Succession

Keeping the Business in the Family: A Roadmap to Successful Succession takes a holistic approach to succession in farm and family businesses. As educators and specialists, we understand that relationships between family members and business members are critical for succession planning and the process itself to occur. This signature program delves into strategic management, relationships, conflict management, managing stress, and ends with writing down a timeline and roadmap for the ownership and management transfer processes.

The training will cover the 3 modules, which will translate to 6 hours of educational materials. Modules are outlined below:

  1. Module 1 (presented by trained educators)
    1. First Steps in Succession Planning
    2. Family Functioning
    3. Strategic Management in the Family Business
  2. Module 2
    1. Dealing with Conflict (Presented by TKI certified presenters: Maria Marshall, Renee Wiatt, Linda Curley)
    2. Weathering the Storm in Agriculture (i.e. Farm Stress, Presented by Farm Stress Team trained educators)
  3. Module 3 (presented by trained educators)
    1. Visioning Framework
    2. Culture of Collaboration
    3. Roadmap to Succession

Audience: Family, farm, and small businesses

More information: Train-the-trainer sessions were recorded in February 2021. Training videos must be completed and content reviewed before offering this Signature Program. Contact Renee Wiatt or Maria Marshall for more information.

Signature Program Contacts:
Renee Wiatt |  |  (765) 496-9051

Maria Marshall |