Beginning Livestock and Poultry 101

If you have people in your county who are interested in raising livestock or poultry for personal use or as a business, then you are in luck. The Livestock and Poultry 101 Signature Program is available for use. This program is for those interested in raising livestock or poultry from small scale and 4-H to large production. 

Livestock and Poultry 101: A Beginner’s Guide covers multiple aspects of livestock and poultry production in order to raise healthy livestock and poultry for personal use or as a commercial business. During General Sessions 1 & 2, the program will allow Educators to teach: Purpose of different species, Processing, Marketing and Budgeting. Following this general introduction Educators can then hold specific sessions on Sheep/Goats, Beef, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits/Cavies and Horses.

Overall hours to present program to audience: The minimum number of hours for this program is the two 3-hour introductory modules plus one 3-hour “species program” for a total of 9 hours. There are 6 species modules for a maximum of 24-hours of instruction time.

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Signature Program Contacts:
Mark Kepler | | (574) 223-3397
Elysia Rodgers | | (260) 925-2562
Dr. Marisa Erasmus | | (765) 496-3886