Natural Resources and Land Use

Natural Resources & Land Use Focus Group Members

Natural resources benefit all of society in a variety of ways including clean air, clean water, biodiversity, the economy, climate and human health and wellbeing. Decisions landowners, advisors and communities make regarding their management have a direct impact on these benefits. However, these decisions can have negative consequences when they are made with incomplete knowledge of their short- and long-term implications. Educational programs that lead these audiences network and make informed decisions can benefit natural resources.

Goal 1:  To foster integrative decision making and natural resource management plans to sustain and improve resources for food, fiber, fuel and drinking water, promote economic growth, create recreation opportunities, improve air quality and health of forests, waterbodies, and other ecosystems, provide wildlife habitat, or conserve open space and wildlands.

Goal 2: To enhance Indiana stakeholder’s understanding and decision making about land use planning, policies, and practices that enhance their local environment and community quality of life.

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