Horticulture Focus Group Members

The horticulture focus group supports the development and dissemination of resources and information relevant to homeowners/gardeners, turf industry professionals, landscaping professionals, and commercial nursery and specialty crop growers. The goal is to enhance Indiana stakeholders’ understanding of horticulture issues and to support sustainable business and production practices, networking and decision-making. Specialists and educators throughout the Purdue Community are members, including faculty from Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Entomology, Botany and Plant Pathology, Agricultural Economics and ANR Extension. Members contribute to Purdue Extension Signature Programs like Master Gardener and Rainscaping Education. The group has developed educational resources including a variety of E-series bulletins and a suite of Purdue Doctor Apps. Members communicate with clientele via a variety of newsletters including Vegetable Crops Hotline, Facts for Fancy Fruits, and the Purdue Landscape Report. This focus group is challenged with meeting the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders through a variety of media and methods.

Relevant Signature Programs:
      Master Gardener
      Rainscaping Education

      Indiana Horticulture Conference and Expo
      Green Expo

Logic Model Information

For more information, contact the co-chairs:
Educator Appointment | currently vacant
Dr. Laura Ingwell | lingwell@purdue.edu | (765) 494-6167