Diversified Agriculture

Diversified Agriculture Focus Group Members

Conference Calls: 3/16/21 Meeting

Local food sales and production continue to increase in Indiana creating a strong demand for regional food production. Recognizing that diversified farming operations need alternative support for education, networking and programming, DFFS members are working together to create comprehensive research-based education and programming for diverse audiences, many of whom are new to Purdue Extension. New technology is the platform for beginning and local food farmers to engage with consumers in direct and intermediated marketing channels. It is also a way for farmers to network with one another and learn from Extension. By engaging these farming audiences, we are supporting the increase of agricultural business opportunities in Indiana.

1. To build capacity for all forms of farm diversification throughout the state through innovative educational programs, practical research, connecting people, relationship building, and networking.
2. To enhance the sustainability of farmers and local businesses to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities and technology adoption in the local and regional food supply chains, including the supply, procurement, and consumption of Indiana food products.

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For more information, contact the co-chairs:
Amy Thompson afthompson@purdue.edu (812) 349-2575
Dr. Tamara Benjamin tamara17@purdue.edu (765) 496-1930