Focus Groups and Teams

The ANR program area has six focus groups comprised of campus and county Extension staff. Focus groups include Animal Sciences, Diversified Agriculture, Farm Management, Field Crops, Horticulture, and Natural Resources and Land Use.

The purpose of focus groups is to provide a forum for Purdue Extension staff to:

  • communicate about resources and opportunities,
  • state-wide program development and implementation,
  • and foster county and campus collaboration opportunities.

Focus groups are managed through a co-chair of a campus specialist and a county educator. An ANR Assistant Program Leader is also affiliated with each focus area to provide support as needed. Focus group efforts undertake a variety of activities that are driven by committee members. Example activities include updating the focus group logic model and associated metrics, supporting the formation and implementation of signature programs and state-wide efforts, and creating and maintaining websites and other associated information-sharing mechanisms and activities as needed. Signature programs should collaborate with at least one focus group.