Field Crops Presentations

Listing of Current and Upcoming Field Crop Presentations/Recordings

2020 Indiana Foliar Disease Management Update for Corn
Bt Corn: Resistance Update and Management
Corn Hybrid Differences in Nutrient Uptake and Allocation
Crop Resilience to ‘Normal Weather’…Can We Grow Good Corn Consistently?
Finding Keys to Big Corn
High Yield Corn – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
Micronutrients in Crop Production: Zn, Mn, B

Digital Tools/UAV
Digital Tools for Crop Management
Scouting with UAV

Eileen Kladivko Drainage Research

   • SEPAC Drainage Executive Summary
   • Soil Drainage and Crop Yields
   • Soil Drainage Impacts on Cover Crop Growth and Soil Improvement
   • Soil Drainage and Nitrate Losses to Surface Waters

Forage Management Necessities
Pasture Weeds: Indiana’s Top Ten
The Value of Forage Legumes

Hay Production
The Process of Making Dry Hay
Timing of Hay Harvest

Hemp Production
Indiana Hemp Production and PowerPoint
Indiana Hemp Pests and Management and PowerPoint
How to Register for FBI Background Check to Obtain Hemp Grower’s License

Herbicide/Weed Control
Herbicide Shortage
Resistant Weeds that cause the biggest headaches in Soybeans
Resistance traits in Soybeans & Use Guidelines for the herbicides enabled
Weed Control with Cover Crops

Pesticide Storage

Soil Heath
Basic Soil Health Principles

Applications of sUAS in Soybean Management
Potassium Effects on Soybean at Planting
Sulfur Fertilizers in Soybean
Sulfur Interactions in Soybean Management