Evaluation Report Library

This is a sampling of recent program evaluation reports ranging from individual PARP trainings to multi-day conferences and includes in-person and virtual events. These are just examples to share how feedback has been collected. Feel free to use for ideas or questions for evaluating your own programs. If you have questions about what you find in these reports, or potential questions about your own program evaluation, please reach out to us: evaluation@purdue.edu.

ANR Evaluation Library

The following ANR multi-site programs have common evaluation surveys and coordinated approaches to data collection, entry, and reporting.

  • Any programs offering PARP credits
  • Any programs held at the PACs
  • DTC
  • Field Days at the PACs
  • Field Days at other locations
  • Livestock and Poultry 101
  • Rainscaping
  • UAV

If you are hosting any of these programs, at least 2 weeks before the program begins, send an email to evaluation@purdue.edu with 1) your name, 2) County/Department, 3) Title of Program, and 4) Start and End Dates of Program. We will set up the evaluation for your program and get appropriate information, surveys, and resources to you.

ANR Evaluation Library

Julie Huetteman, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
Brad Sewell, Program Measurement and Evaluation Coordinator