ANR Retreat

The 2020 ANR Retreat was held virtually on October 27 and 28. Recordings to the ANR Agenda will be linked below. The pdf to each of the presentations is available via the ANR Retreat Agenda. Descriptions to the Success Stories are also available. We appreciate everyone’s participation and encourage you to participate in the Retreat Evaluation Survey, which will be open till 11:55 pm November 13. 

October 27 (Chat Box Text divided by session)
Success Stories:
Area 8’s Lawn and Garden Lunch N’ Learn, Amanda Baird
Tips for First Time Gardeners, Rosie Lerner
Fostering the Flames, Jarred Brooke
UAV Signature Program, Austin Pearson et. al
Junior Master Gardeners, Alex Pettigrew
Beginning Farmer Videos, John Hawley

Focus Groups:
Farm Management Focus Group

Diversified Agriculture Focus Group
Field Crops Focus Group

ANR Program Leader Update, Rick Foster
Signature Program Update, Kara Salazar
Educator and Specialist Safety, Christie Wright
Indiana NACAA Meeting, ANR Section

October 28 (Chat Box Text divided by session)
What can the Farm Stress Team do for you?, Tonya Short & Bryan Overstreet
Discussing Climate Change, Beth Hall and Hans Schmitz

Focus Groups:
Horticulture Focus Group and PPDL Presentation provided during Focus Group meeting
Animal Sciences Focus Group
Natural Resources & Land Use Focus Group

Departmental Updates
ANR and Workforce Development/Curriculum, Austin Pearson and John Scott
Urban Agriculture Curriculum, Nathan Shoaf
FNR Facebook Live, Wendy Mayer and Brian MacGowan
Breaking Down Communication Barriers (aka silos) with Slack, Terri Theisen
Concluding Remarks, Rick Foster

If you have questions regarding the retreat, please reach out to Marion Welsh (