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March 5, 2020

Purdue Extension Food Safety Policy(effective11/2013):

For food competitions-Filling, frosting, glazing, pie filling, and meringue, (whether uncooked or cooked)are not permitted to contain cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, or whipped cream as the nature of these products increases the moisture content and water activity of the food. Foods with a higher moisture content and water activity can be ideal growing conditions for food borne pathogens, even if the ingredient is part of a batter and baked. Additionally, raw milk, raw milk products or uncooked eggs/egg whites are not permitted.  Eggs/egg whites that have been cooked to 160°F (i.e. pasteurized or included as part of a batter and baked) are acceptable.  No home-canned fruits, vegetables, or meats are permitted in products.  Recipes must be provided that show which ingredients were used in each part of the product. Contestants should carefully wash their hands and make sure that their hands do not have any open cuts before preparing foods. Contestants should not be preparing food exhibits for competition within 48 hours of recovering from any illness.Whenever possible, baked products should be transported and stored in chilled coolers (41°F).

Judges and individuals who will consume products from county and state competitions should be informed that they are at risk for food borne illness since the established policy cannot guarantee that an entry which maybe a"potentially hazardous food" has been properly prepared or handled before, during or following the competition.  Tasting of a food product is solely at the discretion of the judge.  Judges are NOT to taste any low-acid or acidified preserved food, like green beans or tomato products, and are discouraged from tasting any other home preserved food.

Consumers of competitive food exhibits being sold at auction or used for hospitality purposes should be notified they could be at risk for food borne illness since the established policy cannot guarantee that an entry which may be a potentially hazardous food has been properly prepared or handled before, during, or following the competition.

Since it is illegal in the State of Indiana for youth under the age of 21 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages, 4-H members are to use recipes that do not include an alcoholic beverage as an ingredient.  A suitable non-alcoholic or imitation product may be substituted. 



No State Fair Entry


There are no divisions for these county only food projects; however, there are five categories that can be entered. These include:



 *If exhibiting a snack, include a menu for any one complete meal. Indicate what period of the day the snack will be served. (Example: mid-morning, mid-afternoon, bedtime)


A member enters in one of these five categories, and for the exhibit will bring this prepared food, recipe and menu to the open judging session.  The food in this project is to be perishable and cannot be something that could be exhibited in the traditional Food Project.  Food will be judged and then returned to the member.  (All foods in a given category will be judged together).  None of the food will be exhibited but the recipe and menu will be on display.  Recipes will be printed on  5” x 8” foods cards (provided with the manual) and the menu on a stiff 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper.  Items should be attached together in some manner. Covering the paper with contact paper or plastic is recommended.


4-H member may repeat a category but cannot enter the same recipe more than once.




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