10 Years
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See the 2015 10 Year 4-H Member List for Hancock County. Make sure your name is included on the list if you are a 10 Year Member.
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Specific techniques are required for each division classification. Use the number of techniques as listed under the individual division.
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The 4H rabbit project is a pure-breed/show stock rabbit exhibit. All rabbits must be a pure-breed rabbit, preferably with pedigree papers.
Cow in Grass
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All 4-H steers and commercial heifers must be enrolled on the official 4-H Livestock Enrollment Form; identified with a county ID tag; retinal scanned; owned; and under the care of the 4-H member no later than the date of the Annual Beef ID Day on March 7, 2015 (Snow Date - TBD).
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Join us for the annual Hancock County Showdown Beef Show sponsored in cooperation with the Hancock Co. 4-H Ag Association and the Indiana Department of Agriculture.
Join the Revolution
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The list of 4-H Mini Meeting dates is now available.
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Grant-writing workshops designed to help potential applicants understand, develop, and submit their Federal grant applications for the Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program (FMLFPP) are being offered at six Indiana locations including one in Hancock County.

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