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August 7, 2020

Welcome to the Hancock County 4-H Information page!

This page contains links to the web pages containing 4-H club, project, leader / volunteer, and fair information.  Let us know if we need to add or update any information by sending an email to hancockces@purdue.edu! 


What is 4-H? 

4-H Clubs - See the schedule for different clubs and find contact information here

Mini 4-H  - Download project manuals and see the mini meeting schedule here

4-H Handbook - Find the guidelines for completing your projects here by downloading the handbook.

Enrollment Information - Find out how to enroll, cost to enroll, and more! 

Visit 4honline.com - This is the website where you enroll, add or change your projects, and add animal information

YQCA - Learn about Youth for the Quality Care of Animals- Any 4-Her in grades 3-12 showing animals must be certified through this program. 

Indiana State Fair  - Get all the State Fair Information here.

Follow Hancock County 4-H on Facebook! or Follow Hancock County 4-H on Twitter! 


Project Specific Information: 

Hancock County Rabbit Meetings 

Hancock County Shooting Sports Information 

Vaccination forms for the Dog, Cat, and Horse & Pony Project

Woodworking Skills Chart 

Sewing Exhibit Cards

Agricultural Tractor Practice Quizzes and Tests

Genealogy Forms and Resources


Project Manuals Available to be downloaded: 

Achievement Portfolio 




Consumer Clothing

Consumer Beef

Consumer Dairy

Consumer Lamb

Consumer Pork

Electric Division 1 - Kits available in our office (sponsored by NineStar Connect)!

Gift Wrapping


Microwave Recipes

Recycling Level 1 (grades 3-5) or Level 2 (grades 6-8) or Level 3 (grades 9-12)

Soil and Water Level 1 or Level 2 or Level 3

Weather and Climate Science Level 1 or Level 2 or Level 3

Wildlife Level 1 or Level 2 or Level 3


Other ways to learn more and connect:

Call or visit the Extension office: 802 Apple Street, Greenfield Indiana, (317) 462-1113

Pick up a printed version of the 4-H handbook at the Extension Office.

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