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January 10, 2019

The 4-H Sheep educational program and related activities (such as workshops, tours, etc.) provide youth a fun and hands-on learning experience which develops both sheep subject skills (such as nutrition, housing, and health care) and life skills (such as responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communications). 

PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT: Chad Hartwick, 765-623-2722, chad.hartwick@ebpaving.com

EXHIBIT CHECK-IN: Wednesday, July 17, 2-8 PM
                              Wool Contest Sunday, July 21, 8-9 AM, Entry
JUDGING: Fitting Contest Friday, July 19, 11:30 AM, Open Judging
                Wool Contest Sunday, July 21, 9:30 AM, Open Judging
                Sheep Show Sunday, July 21, 10 AM , Open Judging
RELEASE TIME: Tuesday, July 23, 7 AM– Noon, All Non-Auction livestock released
AUCTION: Tuesday, July 23, 5:30 PM

STATE FAIR ENTRIES: All livestock for STATE FAIR must be properly identified and enrolled.
State Fair entry deadline is June 1.

General Livestock Rules

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General 4-H Rules


Fair Page

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