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June 17, 2020

This is a project that teaches you how to train your dog and have a lot of fun while getting to know your dog.

All you need is some time, patience and a dog. Your dog doesn't have to be pure bred or registered; we know mixed breeds make wonderful pets.

Our motto: "To make the family pet a better family member."

Project Leaders:
Lynda Arbuckle       317-773-5758
Dawn Moos            317-213-8515
Beth Lawler            765-374-8070
John Garzon           317-760-7866
Allison Moos           317-432-4391
Elvina Beals            317-502-3503
Emily Atwell             317-366-9300
Char Rutar              317-989-3120
Brian Alvey             317-645-5534
Kaitlyn Alvey           317-657-5437  
Edith (Dee) Hayes   317-379-1566

PROJECT SUPERINTENDENTS: Lynda Arbuckle, 317-773-5758 
                                            Dawn Moos, 317-213-8515, dmoos425@gmail.com

EXHIBIT CHECK-IN: Posters, Sunday, July 12, 4-6 PM

JUDGING: Senior Showmanship Monday, July 13, 7 PM - winner advances to Royal Showmanship
RELEASE TIME: Posters, Sunday, July 19, 4-7 PM

STATE FAIR ENTRIES: All livestock for STATE FAIR must be properly identified and enrolled.
State Fair entry deadline is July 1.

General Livestock Rules

General 4-H Rules


Fair Page

Vaccination Form

Score Cards


Dog Agility

Excellence categories A and B are eliminated.

Dog Obedience

Junior showmanship-Once a 4-H’er wins Junior showmanship at the County Dog Show, he/she is eligible to compete again in Junior showmanship.

Intermediate Showmanship-Once a 4-H’er wins Intermediate Showmanship at the County Dog Show, he/she is eligible to compete again in Intermediate Showmanship.


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