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Post, Share, Tweet, Oh My!

September 27, 2018
Social Media Spark Club


Post, Share, Tweet, Oh My! is a 4 session Spark Club, with each session 1.5 hours in duration.

Spark Clubs are intended to address topics that are not typically offered as a 4-H project. They are special interest groups designed to capture the attention of youth with single focus, “out of the box” interests that are likely different from state-recognized 4-H projects. They are designed by county educators and state specialist, with the intent of volunteers bringing their subject matter expertise to deliver the lessons.  

The target audience for this Spark Club are youth grades 8th-12th.

Each week the Spark Club lesson will focus on a different social media platform.

Week 1 focuses on defining and exploring “What is Social Media?” and establishing as a group a “Code of Conduct”. These two topics will anchor the discussions to best practices, professionalism, and etiquette in sharing on social media.

Week 2 focuses on utilizing Facebook and Week 3 youth get to explore Instagram and Twitter.

In the final week, youth will work to create a social media plan for an upcoming club or 4-H program event.

Throughout the 4 weeks, youth will have access to laptops, tablets, and smartphones in order to explore the different features of each platform and create original content.  

Lessons will include individualized activities, group projects, and group discussion and reflection.


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