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Mini 4-H

October 16, 2019

Mini 4-H is offered to children in Kindergarten, first, or second grades during the current school year. It is a great way for kids and the family to get involved in 4-H, but without the 4-H meetings, or leaders. Children are given the opportunity to exhibit their projects at the county fair. By participating in Mini 4-H we hope to encourage the kids to join 4-H when they begin third grade. The following are the Mini 4-H projects we offer:

Animals                                               *Beef

Arts & Crafts                                       *Cat  

Bugs                                                  *Dairy

Dinosaurs                                           *Dog

Electric                                               *Goat

Foods                                                 *Horse

Models                                                *Poultry

Nature                                                *Rabbit

Photography                                        *Sheep

Robotics                                              *Swine





Windowsill Garden



*Mini 4-Her's do not have to own their animal for the livestock projects, animals will be provided the day of the show.


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