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October 25, 2019

The first year exhibit is a collections of ten insects mounted in one 18"x24" entomology box. You will add insects to your collection with each year you take the Entomology project. Check out the 4-H & Youth Entomology Website! :) 


Entomology Record Sheet 

Entomology Independent Study Record Sheet (Advanced)

Entomology Independent Study Record Sheet (Mentoring)



Insect Mounting (ID-401-A)

Proper Pin Placement (ID-401-B)

Insect Anatomy (ID-401-C)

Insect Metamorphosis (ID-401-D)

Insect Mouthparts (ID-401-E)

Insect Leg & Wing (ID-401-F)

Insect Connect Box ID Grades 9-12 (ID-401-I)

Order Labels

Specimen Labels

Insect Card Points



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