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4-H Enrollment

March 8, 2018
Join the Club

Interested in joining 4-H in Gibson County?

Who is eligible to join 4-H? All youth in grades 3-12 are eligible to join 4-H. Youth in grades K-2 are eligible to join Mini 4-H. Download the quick reference guide below for enrollment at 

Cost: The program fee is $20 for 4-H and $5 for Mini 4-H. If your family needs assistance paying this fee, please contact the Purdue Extension Office for fee waiver options.

New to 4-H and need to enroll? Visit to enroll in 4-H. The enrollment window is open from October 1 - January 15. Download the help quick reference guide below to help you enroll.   

Need help re-enrolling in 4-H? Download the help sheet below to re-enoll. 

Need help or have questions? Contact the Purdue Extension Office at (812) 385-3491.

Just joined 4-H? Check out the new member guide below to get your questions answered. 

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