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Mini 4-H

December 8, 2016
Mini 4-H

What is Mini 4-H?

Mini 4-H is a chance for youth in grades K-2 to experience 4-H in a non-competitive manner. The goal of Mini 4-H is to help young children explore friendships outside the family, explore the way in which things work, and think about the ways people work together on projects. Mini 4-H members are able to gain new skills and increase their self-esteem. Members can choose projects based on their interests. Youth participate in community service opportunities, make new friends, and have fun!

How do I join Mini 4-H? 

Enroll in Mini 4-H at between October 1 - January 15. The program fee for Mini 4-H members is $5 and can be paid online or at the Purdue Extension Office at 203 S. Prince St. in Princeton. 

What projects can I make in Mini 4-H?

Mini 4-H members can choose up to 2 of the following projects:

- Aerospace

- Birds

- Collections

- Crafts

- Dogs

- Farm Animals

- Foods

- Forestry

- Gardening

- Geology

- Health

- Horse 

- Horse  Poster

- Self-care

- Recycling

- Tractor (Club)

- Trees

- Weather

Need more information?

Download the Mini 4-H Guide below for more details and project information. Have questions? Call us at Purdue Extension at (812) 385-3491. 


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