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2020 Franklin County 4-H Virtual Fair Results

January 7, 2021
virtual fair results

Results for the 2020 Franklin County 4-H Virtual Fair - check back for updates!

Methods for collecting awards will be announced soon, so please watch your email for details. 


We have posted movies of all non-walking/building project results on our YouTube Channel.

You can also find a list of Non-Walking/Building project results in the related files (scroll down) and also access them and the judges' comments by logging into FairEntry.

Results are grouped by project area:

Animal Science Projects: Dog Posters, Livestock Posters, Pets & Veterinary Science

Engineering & Technological Sciences Projects:  Aerospace, Computer Science, Electric, Small Engines, Tractor Safety, and Woodworking

Creative & Expressive Arts - Arts & Crafts: Basic Crafts (Beading, Ceramics, Holiday Decorations, Latch Hook, Miscellaneous, Sewing Craft, and String Art)

Creative & Expressive Arts - Continued: Baskets, Cake Decorating, Collections, Creative Writing, Gift Wrapping, Home Environment, Model Building, Pottery, Recycling, Scrapbook and Talent

Creative & Expressive Arts - Fine Arts: Pencil Drawing, Miscellaneous, Oil and Watercolor

Creative & Expressive Arts - Photography: All Photography Projects

Healthy Living Projects: Child Development, Foods, Food Preservation, Health, Microwave Cooking, Shooting Sports Archery, Rifle & Shotgun, Sportfishing, and Sports

Leadership, Citizenship and Communication Projects: 4-H Achievement, Genealogy, History, International Studies, and Public Speaking

Mini 4-H Projects: All Mini 4-H Projects

More Creative and Expressive Arts: Consumer Clothing, Fashion Revue, Needlecraft and Sewing Projects

Natural Resources Projects: Entomology, Forestry, Geology, Soil & Water Science, Weather & Climate Science, and Wildlife

Plant Science Projects: Crops (Corn, Hay, Soybeans, Tobacco, Wheat), Floriculture, Garden, Herbs, and Potatoes


The 2020 Indiana State Fair 4-H Exhibit Hall projects are all virtual, except for Fashion Revue (Senior Division Only), Public Speaking and the Tractor Operator contests.  We will push all state fair eligible projects to the state fair for you, so if you are wanting to make any improvements to your ISF eligible project before we send it, please let us know ASAP. 

Livestock Results are posted on - check back for updates!


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