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Frequently Asked Questions

June 25, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:        What does virtual mean?

A:         You will do the projects and take pictures and or videos of your projects


Q:        Do we need tags?

A:         Yes


Q:        Do we need to do record sheets?

A:         Yes


Q:        Do we have to have the record sheets signed?

A:         Yes - e-mail will be sent out with the signing dates for the clubs


Q:        Do we need vaccination sheets

A:         Yes


Q:        When do I have to have my project finalized by?

A:         July 1st


Q:        When do I have to have the pictures online?

A:         July 8th at midnight


Q:        Do the building projects go to the State Fair?

A:         They don’t physically go but the pictures will be judged at the state if they are selected.


Q:        Can we get help to download the pictures and videos at the extension office?

A:         Yes we will be glad to help.  8-4 Monday-Friday


Q:        The projects I want to do are not listed the virtual tips

A:         If they are in fair entry you can do the project


Q:        Am I supposed to do a photo or video to complete my animal project?
A:         Either works but we suggest a video


Q:        Do we have to do YQCA since we really aren’t showing them at the fair?

A:         Yes - if you are showing county only you can do the modules and take the test at the end.  No charge.   If you are planning on showing at the State Fair you will need to take the YQCA course and it will cost you $12.


Q:        Are we doing showmanship and master showmanship

A:         No there will be no showmanship.

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