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Master Gardener Basic Training Class

November 1, 2019

Purdue Master Gardner Basic Training Sylabus
February 5th - April 3rd , 2020
Wednesday & Friday from (9-noon)

$150.00 must be enrolled and paid by January 15th
Fountain County Extension Office
Fountain County Courthouse
Educator/MG Program Coordinator: Adam Tyler
email: 765-793-6240


February 5    Orientation / Pre-Test Adam Tyler

February 7  Pesticide Safety / Alternatives Adam Tyler

February 12 Soils and Plant Nutrition Adam Tyler

February 14 Plant Science Karren Mitchell

February 19 Insect ID and Control Adam Tyler

February 21 Plant Disease Diagnosis John Bonkowski

February 26 Woody Ornamentals Phillip Cox

February 28 Invasive Species / Animal Pest Adam Tyler

March 4 Lawn Care John Orick 

March 6 Fruit Gardening Adam Tyler

March 11 Weed ID and Control Ashley Adair

March 13 Vegetable Gardening Adam Tyler

March 18 Herbaceous Ornaments Ashley Adair

March 20 Beekeeping / Pollinator Importance Adam Tyler

March 25th & 27th   NO CLASS THIS WEEK

 April 1 Review / Activity / Post Test Adam Tyler

April 3 Open Book Final Exam / Celebration Adam Tyler

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