Podcast: Using Technology to Connect With Mental health Services While Maintaining Your Privacy

Today’s farmers weather more stress than ever before. Our podcasts seek to share important information, tools, and hope through interviews with experts in agriculture and special guests from Purdue University.

Nathaan Demers has lived and worked in small towns and rural areas, and knows keeping your privacy while seeking mental health services can be difficult.

A Clinical Psychologist, Nathaan teamed up with technology professionals to create web-based mental health services that would be of high-quality and confidential.

Mantherapy.org is a free, confidential site that a brief self-assessment and many resources that has been helpful to those that have tried it.

Nathaan and his team are also working at creating new web-based services for veterans, first responders, and more.

For more information, visit gritdigitalhealth.com.

To give Man Therapy a try, click the link below: https://mantherapy.org/

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