Podcast: Gene Marks Shares Information and Business Strategies that could Improve the Profitability of Your Small Farm

Today’s farmers weather more stress than ever before. Our podcasts seek to share important information, tools, and hope through interviews with experts in agriculture and special guests from Purdue University.

Season Two of the Tools For Today’s Farmers podcast kicks off with Gene Marks @genemarks — you have probably seen Gene as a regular contributor on Fox Business or read his articles in The Guardian, Washington Times, or Forbes.

In this episode, Gene talks about business challenges such as working with employees from younger generations, if and when to outsource a function of your farm, areas of your business to consider investing additional resources into, coping with COVID-related restrictions, and his outlook on positive trends in agriculture. Stick around for the entire information-packed episode, because at the 36 minute mark, Gene shares how current bills in congress (infrastructure bill, American Families Act, minimum wage increases, overtime rules changes, independent contractor classification changes, and more) will impact your small farm.

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