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Where Does Your Money Go? Session 2

Purdue Extension Sullivan County
1361 E Co Rd 75 N, Sullivan, IN
(red brick building at the Sullivan County 4-H Fairgrounds)

To register, contact:  Cheryl Casselman, Extension Educator, at or 812-268-4332

Never have enough money?

 Does your money run out before the end of the month?

 Is it difficult to pay your bills on time?

 Do you wish you had more money?

 If you answered, “yes,” then the “Where Does Your Money Go?” program is for you.

 You will learn how to:

  • Recognize where your money goes
  • Stop spending leaks to save money for what you really want
  • Develop a spending-savings plan

 Find extra money by considering some of your spending leaks:

  • Dining out at $30 per week equals $1,560 per year.
  • One bottle of cola at $1.50 per day equals $547.50 per year.
  • One pack of cigarettes at $5 per day equals $1,825 per year.
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