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Mastering Home Food Preservation begins

Mastering Home Food Preservation provides in-depth lectures, interactive discussions, hands-on practice, take home products and valuable resources. USDA home food preservation recommended procedures are taught.

Topics covered include:

  • food safety
  • freezing
  • boiling water canning
  • pressure canning
  • jams & jellies
  • pickling
  • dehydration

Registration fee includes:

  • Four days of instruction including course work and hands-on food preservation labs
  • A Mastering Home Food Preservation course notebook
  • Taking home product samples that were made during the week

The class will be held at the Petersburg Community Church, 420 E Illinois St., Petersburg, IN 47567 and will run from 9AM until approximately 5PM each day Tuesday-Friday.

Register here:

For questions about the course contact Abbi Smith,, (765) 653-8411

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